You've spent months designing that BFG asset that the player will finally get a chance to wield indiscriminate carnage with on level 12.  Do you want your harbinger of doom to be known as BFG_ASSET_V1.3 that does 300 points of damage with a 3 second reload?  No!  You want an epic name, something like 'Corpse-Masher of Epsilon 7' that spews forth a heated blue plasma stream of incinerated destruction!  And you'll want an ingeniously twisted alien creator, from an obscure race of far-sighted and technologically advanced people, from the beautiful yet doomed planet of... well, you get my point.

That's where I come in, to turn your lovingly crafted IP and assets into fully fully detailed, living, vibrant entities, with rich, intriguing backgrounds; word-smithing stories, plots, dialogue, history, characters and all of your Game needs.

From copywriting 15 second promos, to writing feature-length film-style scripts; from pitch creation to game design documents; from intial brainstorming to final drafts - creative writing at all levels.

Please contact me to find out how I can help your project.

E m a i l  M e

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