Born and raised in sunny Queensland, Australia, Jarrod Penfold spent much of his childhood addicted to his Commodore 64, table-top roleplaying games, and fantasy/sci-fi books.

Despite this pocket-protector inducing upbringing, Jarrod turned out relatively normal.  Relatively.

From an early age Jarrod was creating worlds; whether day-dreaming backgrounds for his characters, GM-ing sessions with his friends, or birthing entire planets on paper, his passion for imagining and designing comprehensive world systems was constantly bursting to life.

Attending the University of Southern Queensland for many, many years, he proudly left the protective and nurturing shelter of academic life for the harsh and unforgiving shores of the nine-to-five. Fortunately his studies armed him with a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Applied Psychology); a Bachelor of Mass Communication (majoring in Communication and Media Studies; and Media Production) with 'Distinction'; and a Certificate in Public Relations (just for good measure).

His travels have taken Jarrod to the big smoke of Sydney, where he currently works for one of the largest media/new media organisations in Australia.

Jarrod's passions stayed with him - over time the worlds he was creating took the form of press releases, big and small screen scripts, and commercial copywriting.  Putting electronic pen to digital paper, crafting stories and writing narrative, Jarrod aims to bring all of his skills to bare on the booming games industry, bringing professionalism, adventure, and fun, to narrative design.

Jarrod posts under the handle of 'Wednesday' on Tsumea, and is currently working on several side projects for some of Australia's most creative up-and-coming game developers.

E m a i l  J a r r o d

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